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Cosmo-Conquest is a space-themed action, two-dimensional platformer created by James Patmore.

Okay, enough fancy talk.

I made this game so I can learn how to code and I will basically be using this wiki as a place to jot down ideas, updates, and aspects to the game so I don't forget them. I plan on working on this game for a long time period, and so I don't want to forget the original idea for the game during the breaks.

If you would like to play/test the game, then that would be amazing; just contact me by emailing this address to receive you very own copy of the game:

Otherwise, that's totally fine. The idea of this game is to gain experience, not to make a published/official game. I want it to be just a chill project that will span a long time period, so as I get more advanced with coding I can improve it as I progress to see how far I have come.

The Game:

Cosmo-Conquest is a space-themed game based around exploration and survival.

The story takes place as the player, one of the last inhabitants of Earth, a dying planet ravished with plague, sickness, and war located in the center of the explored universe. In the hopes of finding a solar system that was both inhabitable and productive to save mankind, the high council have used their hyper-telescopes and found a potentially suitable candidate. You, the player, have been drawn by the high council to explore and report on your findings on the Solar system at the very edge of the Verge.

The solar-system you'll be exploring is called Cosmo-Esx182, a system that's yours to shape, defend, and enjoy. You'll need to set up camp and civilization, explore different planets, gain resources and report your findings to Old-Earth.

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Latest News / Updates:

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